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First of all, I've never seen this movie not even as a kid. I was never drawn to it. I think I tried to watch it for 5 minutes and I hated it. Well I say all that to tell you this dream I had from the LORD earlier yesterday morning.

1. I saw a huge ballroom with dignitaries and guests (elite people) who were having a grand old time. All of a sudden, the porcelain decor on the walls started to shake and fall. Then I see the ceiling of this ball room being cracked and dust starts to fall over the people. Then the shaking gets louder and stronger and then I saw porcelain vases, decorations start to fall even faster and the people at the ball were leaving their tables and were starting to run for cover before it gets worse. Then all of a sudden the whole ceiling collapses and I saw porcelain tea sets, cups, etc of all sizes falling heavily and quickly over the guests inside that ballroom. (Think of a landslide, that's how fast it fell)

2. The Theme of this dream was Alice in Wonderland

3. The next part of the dream, I saw a trail and I kept hearing "follow the white rabbit". I then saw little white rabbit masks on the ground floor on this trail that had to be picked up including anything related to white rabbit.

4. At the end of the trail, I encountered a demonic looking character who was the gatekeeper and I ended up rebuking it in the name of JESUS

5. Towards the end of the dream, I saw the skyline of the town from an aerial view. Think of a person flying and experiencing freedom.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is a story about Alice who falls down a rabbit hole and lands into a fantasy world that is full of weird, wonderful people and animals.

What does the Mad Tea Party symbolize? The social significance of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. There are no rules here, and everyone present at the tea party is operating beyond social constraints. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party can be taken as a parallel to society. Society is a collection of social norms which we abuse and use to our own advantage

Is Alice in Wonderland about drugs? The book and various films have all been interpreted as making reference to drug abuse, with Alice drinking potions, eating mushrooms and hallucinating as if she were on LSD, all while the world around her changes frighteningly and her mood and perceptions are hugely altered.

Now connect the dots. I thank the LORD for exposing and collapsing the wicked once and for all in JESUS' name.

In prayer, I heard the following scripture related to Samson.

Judges 16:30 Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived.


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