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05.09.17 DREAM FROM JESUS: In the dream I was in a public place with other people and I saw Hillary in the background spearheading an activity. Think about leading a movement. In the dream, if you were a Christian, random people tried to silence you, if you doubled down in your Christian faith, "doctors" diagnosed you as being crazy and/or senile, if you tripled down in your Christian faith, "medical" experts grabbed you against your will and then they tossed you in a mental hospital and locked you up in a four by four, stainless steel room with teal green walls. In the dream, I sensed the Lord was exposing Hillary's evil agenda in addition to those who support and advocate her. It's without question, that Hillary and her supporters carry the ANTICHRIST spirit and they are determined to silence the body of Christ. I was then reminded by the Lord that this vile tactic may also be used against President Trump. THIS IS 2ND REMINDER FROM THE LORD THAT IT IS TIME FOR THE CHURCH TO RISE UP AND TO OPEN UP THEIR MOUTHS ABOUT THEIR JUDEO-CHRISTIAN FAITH! A FEW MONTHS BACK THE LORD SAID IN A DREAM, "YOU HAVE THE BILL OF RIGHTS, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, FREEDOM TO PRAY, FREEDOM TO SING, FREEDOM TO DANCE AND FREEDOM TO WORSHIP JESUS! OPEN YOUR MOUTHS" COME ON CHURCH! WHAT'S THE HOLD UP?#MAGA 🙏📖🔥 1 John 4:4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. THANK YOU JESUS FOR SPARING US FROM HILLARY CLINTON AND THANK YOU FOR POTUS TRUMP! JESUS WE PRAY THAT YOU DECIMATE THE SATANIC ALTARS OFF OUR NATION,PLEASE REBUKE THE WICKED , PLEASE EXPOSE THE DARKNESS AND LET YOUR SCALES OF JUSTICE PREVAIL! WE CURSE THE EVIL, PERVERSE LEGACIES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT, THE NEW WORLD, THE LUCIFERIANS, THE SATANISTS, THE BUSHES, THE CLINTONS AND THE OBAMAS IN JESUS' NAME. WE PRAY FOR REVIVAL AND WE PRAY THAT YOU REINSTITUTE AMERICA AS A JUDEO-CHRISTIAN NATION IN JESUS' NAME!

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