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If you don't want a divorce then do it GOD's way!

DEAR CHRISTIAN,IF YOU DON'T WANT A DIVORCE DO IT GOD'S WAY! DON'T YOU WANT JESUS' HAND OF FAVOR, BLESSING & PROTECTION OVER YOUR MARRIAGE & FAMILY? ****NEWSFLASH!**** "If you're in a relationship or you're engaged to get married make sure that all sexual sin and nonsexual sin are gone in JESUS' name. FYI, JESUS WILL NOT BLESS YOUR MESS! I'LL REPEAT JESUS WILL NOT BLESS YOUR MESS! HUMANS MAY BE REPROBATES BUT NOT GOD! MAKE SURE YOUR RELATIONSHIP DOESN'T HAVE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: -fornication -adultery -pornography -lust -sexting/sexy selfies online -masturbation -polygamy -living together with your partner -any form of "fooling around" -debauchery (i.e. godless bachelor/bachelorette parties) -attending strip joints -antichrist,pagan roots/practices/beliefs/politics -unequally yoked -lying -envy -competition against each other -slandering, gossiping, criticizing, judging each other -ridiculing, embarrassing, undermining, word cursing each other REPENT, SIN NO MORE AND DO IT GOD'S WAY NOT YOUR OWN!

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