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IN JESUS' NAME WE PRAY AGAINST ALL BIO/CHEM TERROR! #prayforPotusandAmericainJesusname 02.28.17 DREAM FROM JESUS: In the dream I saw a fume/something released in the air & the minute people inhaled it, their skin developed bruise like lesions & their respiratory systems went into shock & then they dropped dead. I saw a woman of Hindu/Muslim descent who wanted to poison people but by accident shepoisoned herself and led to the contamination of the entire building. People were trying to escape the building but security guards had strict orders to contain everyone inside. Anyone that tried to escape was killed instantly by the guards. 11.08.17 DREAM FROM JESUS: In the dream, I saw a medical institution. I saw surgeons, therapists and I believe psychologists too. What seemed like a normal day at a hospital/medical institution all of a sudden, a pandemonium erupted which forced everyone to evacuate immediately. Why were people evacuating? I have no idea. I saw a woman maybe a psychologist/therapist who was frantic and I assisted her to leave the premise immediately. As soon as we left the property we came across a main road with a green road sign that indicated 2 directions one WESTBOUND FOR NYC OR EASTBOUND. In the dream I sensed this place was Long Island? When I woke up could this be Stony Brook? WE ARE IN THE SEASON OF JUDGMENT AND THE LORD WILL REBUKE THE WICKED! GOD IS NOT PLAYING AROUND, SO PLEASE LET'S ALL REPENT AND SIN NO MORE AND FEAR THE LORD. Be encouraged and keep praying! Feel free to scroll below to read the prophetic dreams from Jesus. All the honor, praise and glory goes to the Lord! I love how Jesus is prophetically speaking to so many people in this hour. *************************************************************** SPRING 2016 VISION FROM JESUS: MEN IN SUITS ARRESTED (with handcuffs in front of them) *************************************************************** 10/11/16 Dream from JESUS: "PROSTITUTION RINGS WILL BE EXPOSED" For the full post click here: *************************************************************** Week of July 11th 2016, msg from JESUS: "I AM ON THE THRONE" For the full post click here: *************************************************************** 05/29/16 msg from JESUS: "LET THE TRUTH SET YOU FREE &THOSE THAT KNOW SECRETS LET THEM CONFESS, CONFESS, CONFESS" For the full post click here: *************************************************************** 02/18/16 Vision and Msg from JESUS: "JESUS IS THE SUPREME COURT JUDGE" During prayer, I saw the Lord on his Throne chair and the earth was at his feet.I felt these words in my spirit "Jesus is the Supreme Court Judge". For the full post click here: *************************************************************** Mar 19, 2015- July 7, 2016 PROPHETIC dreams from JESUS about Obama. Pray for his deliverance, repentance & salvation in JESUS' name For the entire post click here: *************************************************************** 06.25.16 Dream from JESUS: HILLARY CLINTON IN JAIL. PRAY FOR HER DELIVERANCE, REPENTANCE & SALVATION IN JESUS' NAME *************************************************************** 05/30/16 MSG FROM JESUS: "GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY" VERDICTS FOR EACH PERSON For the full post click here: *************************************************************** 03/19/16- present msg from JESUS: "CHRISTIAN MASONS STOP PARTNERING WITH SATAN" For the full post click here: *************************************************************** 04/06/16 msg from JESUS: I got the word "FLICK" and I saw the LORD's hand about to flick FILTH/DIRT. In my spirit, I felt that filth represented the foul spirits of perversion and perdition For the full post click here: *************************************************************** 02.14.16-present msg from JESUS: "LET YOUR SCALES OF JUSTICE PREVAIL. VINDICATE THE WRONGFULLY ACCUSED. JUDGE THE WICKED. EXPOSE THE DARKNESS INTO YOUR LIGHT" "God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.” (Psalm 7:11) *************************************************************** 12/30/16 dream from JESUS: The NWO, Illuminati, the Freemasons are plotting. Pray against the evil spirit of Baal in JESUS' name.

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