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🚨As multiple prayer warriors and I prayed in Delaware on August 11, 2020 the LORD gave the following scriptures: 🔔Delaware Capitol- Daniel 4:1-27 🔔Delaware Governor Corney: Mark 9:42-50 🔔Delaware Dover City Hall: Daniel 11:4 🔔Delaware Harriet Tubman Trails: Jeremiah 50:5-7 As we did our prayer walks here's what the LORD said about former VP Biden who is from Wilmington, DE: 🙌🏼🔔1st Samuel 15=The LORD rejects Saul(Biden)as King 🔔1st Samuel 16=The LORD anoints David (Trump) 🔔1st Samuel 17= David(Trump) fights Goliath (NWO) About thirty minutes after the LORD gave this revelation, we discovered that former VP Biden was in town to make his VP announcement. How prophetic is that?😲 Did you know that multiple tornadoes made landfall recently in his neck of the woods? That scripture from the LORD confirms what he said last May 2019 and Sept 2019. It is the LORD's will for Potus Trump to win a 2nd term and a 2nd term it will be! 🙌🏼 GOD's plans will prevail for our Potus, for our nation, for the world and for the body of Christ in JESUS' name.❤❤❤#THANKYOUJESUS#MAGA#TRUMP2020#JUSTICE#REVIVAL#CHAPLAINDUTIES#KAG

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Whatever state or circumstance you may find yourself in, please know that Jesus is with you and he loves you whether you’re a believer or a nonbeliever. Always remember, God created you for a purpose and in his eyes you are his precious child. Open your heart to Jesus, ask him to forgive of your sins, accept him as your Lord and Savior, start reading his bible, pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and live a holy, obedient, pure life. Click on the link below to download your bible and as soon as you get a chance get yourself a hard copy study bible and a journal so you can write down the prophetic messages Jesus wants to speak to you directly!

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