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🚨🚨🚨As multiple prayer warriors and I prayed over Vermont on August 14, 2020 the LORD gave the following scriptures: Here is the scripture for Vermont: 🌲VT Capitol- Nahum 🌲VT State Building- Ezekiel 36 and 37 🌲VT Montpelier City Hall Democrat Mayor Ann Watson - Jeremiah 24 and 25 🌲VT Republican Governor Phil Scott-Isaiah 48 & 49 🌲VT Liberal, Ben & Jerry's- Psalm 44 Hello Patriots, When it comes to Hippie Communist Bernie Sanders' legacy, movement and stronghold the LORD said "HIS ERA IS OVER!" Here is another picture praying and declaring the beautiful state of Vermont back to Christ so the LORD can make it great again. May the LORD open up the spiritual eyes and ears of Vermonters so they can vote for President Trump in November. Vermonters deserve justice, truth, righteousness prosperity and freedom for all! 🙏🏼📖📯🇺🇸🙌🏼 The book of Nahum stands as a strong testament to the power and faithfulness of God, who judges evil wherever it is found. The LORD is able to bring down the greatest stronghold and will always protect his people. The book Nahum conveys a single message: The great "Assyrian" (a.k.a. pagan) Empire will be destroyed. Evildoers will have their day of reckoning with GOD, no matter how mighty their power may seem. #THANKYOUJESUS#MAGA#TRUMP2020#CHAPLAINDUTIES#FREEDOM KEEP PRAYING FOR OUR NATION'S REPENTANCE AND REVIVAL AND KEEP PRAYING FOR OUR POTUS' TRUMP PROTECTION AND STRENGTH NONSTOP IN JESUS' NAME.🙏🏼📖📯🇺🇸❤


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