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09.09.18 DREAM FROM JESUS: In the dream I saw people at an event inside a building in a major city. Moments later, I sensed the need to evacuate because I sensed danger was coming. As I'm about to exit out I saw evil, George Soros in the background. I saw 2 large waves crashing and consuming this place and then I saw people drowning and parts of this building collapsing. While this was happening, I was able to take cover next to the brick side of this building and moments later I was able to make emergency kits filled with toiletries and sneakers for the very few that survived. 09.05.18 DREAM FROM JESUS: I SAW WATER FLOODING A BUILDING AND THEN I HEARD "MARYLAND WATERFRONT" THIS IS NOT A DOOM AND GLOOM MESSAGE, I'M NOT HERE TO CREATE FEAR BECAUSE FEAR IS NOT OF THE LORD. I'M HERE TO SHARE WHAT THE LORD SHARES WITH ME SO WE CAN ASK HIM FOR REVELATION AND SO WE CAN REMAIN VIGILANT AND PRAY AGAINST THE DEVIL'S TACTICS. SPIRITUAL WARFARE IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH AND IT BEHOOVES THE CHURCH TO GET INTO OUR PRAYER WAR ROOMS AND PRAY FOR THE NATION'S REPENTANCE IN JESUS' NAME. IF YOU'RE LIVING IN COASTAL AREAS, PLEASE HAVE EMERGENCY KITS WITH TOILETRIES AND SNEAKERS! GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN JESUS' NAME! #letsrepentandsinnomore ************************************* 🙏April 5, 2015 VISION FROM JESUS "BOMB launches from West Coast and strikes Atlantic Ocean causing TSUNAMIS for the East Coast and parts of Europe" Folks this vision really brought shock and pain when I woke up. I'm still dumbfounded and my heart is heavy for those that do not know Christ. For the entire post click here: 🙏Feb 7, 2015 VISION FROM THE LORD ABOUT A TSUNAMI OVER A CITY. THIS IS THE CLOSEST PICTURE OF WHAT I SAW IN THE DREAM. ( I AM NOT A PROPHET!) For the entire post click here: 🙏April 29, 2015 VISION FROM JESUS- 3 TSUNAMIS STRIKING EARTH ONE RIGHT AFTER THE OTHER For the entire post click here:


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