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JUNE 2020 -Alabama Prayer Walks

When my sister in the LORD and I prayed over Alabama's capitol and the Courthouse on June 20th-21st 2020, the LORD gave us the book of #Lamentations once again. I immediately remembered that LORD gave me the same scripture when I prayed over NYC, Baltimore and Richmond in late Feb and early March of this year. 🙏🏼😪 When we prayed in downtown Montgomery the LORD gave us the book of Luke reminding us that "JESUS IS THE SAVIOR FOR ALL". The book of Luke represents Christ as the One through whom people of all socioeconomic classes could find redemption. Individuals from all ethnic and socioeconomic groups, both men and women can find salvation in Christ. 🙌🏼 Moments later as I prayed over the Court Square Fountain which is the heart of downtown Montgomery, the LORD gave Luke 11- Woe on to the Pharisses and the experts of the LORD scripture as a rebuke to the leaders inside and outside the church in that territory. Luke 11:37-44 New King James Version (NKJV) Luke 11:37-44 Woe to the Pharisees and Lawyers 37 And as He spoke, a certain Pharisee asked Him to dine with him. So He went in and sat down to eat. 38 When the Pharisee saw it, he marveled that He had not first washed before dinner. 39 Then the Lord said to him, “Now you Pharisees make the outside of the cup and dish clean, but your inward part is full of greed and wickedness. 40 Foolish ones! Did not He who made the outside make the inside also? 41 But rather give alms of such things as you have; then indeed all things are clean to you.42 “But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass by justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone. 43 Woe to you Pharisees! For you love the best seats in the synagogues and greetings in the marketplaces. 44 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like graves which are not seen, and the men who walk over them are not aware of them.” When we prayed at Auburn University, the LORD gave Hosea chapters 2-3 which speaks about reconciliation and restoration unto the LORD.🙌🏼 When we prayed at Tuskegee University, the LORD gave Daniel 11. When we prayed in Selma, Alabama the LORD gave us the book of Ezekiel and Romans 1. Praying outside the corridor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church the LORD gave the book of Ezekiel and the LORD gave Romans 1:16 "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile." outside the doors of City Hall in Selma. Moments after I finished praying at City Hall, the LORD led me to led me to offer prayer and ministry to a woman who is running for mayoral office in Selma. Little to my knowledge, I discovered she is a powerful and anointed woman of the LORD. If it's the LORD's will for her to win in August, Selma will be blessed under her leadership in Christ.🙌🏼 When we prayed in Birmingham, the LORD gave Ecclesiastes outside City Hall. Keep praying for AMERICA and our POTUS in JESUS' name 24/7.🙏🏼 After reading this post, what is the LORD telling you?


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