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VA Prayer Walk Feb 26, 2020

🙏🏼🙇‍♀️ As multiple prayer warriors and I prayed over Virginia on Feb 26, 2020 and March 8, 2020 the LORD said the following scriptures: Jeremiah 51 & 52 & Lamentations- Richmond Malachi 1:4-5 over Arlington Daniel 2- over Arlington #REPENTANDSINNOMORE#REVIVAL✝️Malachi 1:4-5 Thus says the Lord of hosts: “They may build, but I will throw down; They shall be called the Territory of Wickedness, And the people against whom the Lord will have indignation forever. 5 Your eyes shall see, And you shall say, ‘The Lord is magnified beyond the border of Israel.’ ✝️And the Book of Daniel chapter 2. 🙏🏼🙇‍♀️ After I finished praying with a powerful, anointed prophetic sister in Christ, she surprised me that her national prayer group also got the same prophetic revelation from the LORD that same morning with the book of Daniel 2 too. 😯🙌🏼#confirmation#ThankyouJesus To read what the LORD said about Atlanta click below: 🙏🏼✝️📖🙌🏼🇺🇸🙇‍♀️⚖ LORD JESUS, In this season of judgment please bring correction, deliverance, healing, restoration, sanctification, wisdom, discernment, self-examination, purification, reconciliation and the Fear of the LORD over Atlanta in the name of Jesus. Your word says that those whom you love you rebuke and in this moment where you have placed the world in TIME-OUT, please start with the Bible Belt! Please rebuke, expose and expel the wickedness inside and outside the church and may the true, chosen, anointed remnant of Christ that's been purified like silver and gold spring forth to be used for your glory during these perilous End Times. JESUS recently you said the following and I'm praying for you to help us: 1. Recognize the Sign of The End Times 2. To Repent and to seek your face while you may be found 3. To get our lives and our homes in right standing with you before your soon return 4. To acknowledge that you are God on the throne and that you are in complete control and not mankind LORD JESUS, In closing, I am crying out to you for your justice, your truth and your righteouness to come forth so that your plans of revival for America will manifest and spread throughout the world. #MAGA🇺🇸#TRUMP2020🇺🇸 Please forgive our nation for her perversion, perdition, corruption and division inside and outside the church. Please flick off the filth, bulldoze your way and uproot and rebuke every demonic principality, hex, vex, voodoo, hoodoo, witchcraft, satanism, divination, luciferianism, freemasonry, curse and every demon of poverty, deception, false accusation, slander, gossip, racism, abortion, injustice, death, theft, destruction, racism, fear, anxiety, pestilence, plague, disease off this land in the name of Jesus. 🙌🏼 LORD JESUS, We thank you in advance as we declare your prophetic messages over this city, this nation and the world: ✝️-Ecclesiates 3:4 the righteous will laugh and dance while the wicked weep and mourn ✝️-that the righteous will rule and reign and they will occupy the positions of power and influence for your glory ✝️- That you have crowned Potus Trump a Second Term to continue to #KAG✝️-that the righteous will receive their working papers while the wicked will receive their walking papers via firings, resignations, public exposure and some you are calling home inside and outside the church ✝️-that everything done in secret will be exposed inside and outside the church because you will not be mocked ✝️-that you will override every detestable law off this land ✝️-that you will overturn ungodly world leaders and replace them with your chosen ones for your glory ✝️-that you will flip over kingdoms in every ungodly place through you spiritual Josephs to usher your kingdom of heaven on earth ✝️-that this new decade will bring allow your true church to rise up and to roar against all darkness in the name of Jesus #roaring20s✝️- that Satan can no longer bound your remnant to the ground because we are meant to soar for your glory LORD JESUS, Thank you for your love, mercy and grace that we don't deserve and for helping us be the light of the the world and the salt of the earth in this fallen world. Please teach us to walk in the spirit and in truth and please teach us to love you first and to love one another second. Please teach us to only be anchored in you and your bible and not people in Jesus name I pray. Amen. #revival🙏🏼✝️📖🙇‍♀️⚖🇺🇸🙌🏼 If you want to know every prophetic msg the LORD has shared since 2015 for America, for President Trump and for the church please scroll below for the video and the links. Please give the LORD all the praise since many of his messages have and continue to come to pass. Please keep praying for our nation, for our President and for the true Christians that are walking in spirit and in truth. God bless you all in Jesus' name. #revival#restoration#Trump2020#MAGA Season of blessings/curses.The wicked will mourn & the righteous will rejoice, rule and reign ********************************** 🚨03.17.20 MSG FROM JESUS: Walking papers for the wicked and working papers for the righteous both inside and outside the church. #JUSTICE#JUDGMENT (This word is NOT for the carnal, worldly, lukewarm church) 🚨03.19.20 Dream from JESUS: I saw a luxury hotel in Los Angeles involved with Satanic, sex-trafficking, pedophile rings.Please pray for justice in Jesus' name🙏🏼😭 🚨03.20.20 MSG FROM JESUS FOR CHRISTIANS & NONBELIEVERS: GOD IS REBUKING THE WORLD WITH A TIME-OUT! 🚨03.18.20 MSG FROM JESUS: THE LORD IS GOING TO FLIP KINGDOMS THROUGH HIS SPIRITUAL JOSEPHS IN EVERY UNGODLY PLACE. 🚨02.25.19 PROPHETIC REVELATION FROM JESUS ABOUT NYC MEDIA COMPANIES ON 6TH AVE: They're strategically located on 6th Ave to pay homage to Lucifer aka 666. 🚨02.05.20 MSG FROM JESUS REGARDING MANY OF TRUMP'S SPIRITUAL ADVISORY BOARD: THEY DON'T HEAR FROM GOD! THE LORD SAID THIS 3X.🙏🏼😭🙇‍♀️ (Potus is more anointed than most Christian/Evangelical leaders. Potus needs true prophets.) 🚨03.10.20 MSG FROM JESUS: The Battle for America in this election is the survival of Christianity and Potus Trump is the defender of the Judeo-Christian faith. 🚨02.21.20 MSG FROM JESUS: THE CURSE IS BEING LIFTED OFF THE USA. ROE VS WADE WAS A SATANIC PACT THAT PREVIOUS LEGISLATORS MADE & CURSED THE LAND. IN DECEMBER 2015, JESUS SAID THAT HE WILL OVERRIDE EVERY DETESTABLE LAW OFF THIS LAND. 🚨12.01.15 msg from JESUS:The Church must stop fluctuating with the LORD and his ways. The LORD will OVERRIDE all detestable laws on this land. 🚨02.07.20 MSG FROM JESUS: AI IS NOT THE REAL INTELLIGENCE THAT COMES FROM GOD BUT FROM SATAN THE FAKE SNAKE. Genesis 2:17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die." 🚨02.07.20 MSG FROM JESUS: THE ELITE WHO SOLD THEIR SOULS TO SATAN ARE TALENTLESS & SMARTLESS. THE DEMONS INSIDE THEM ARE THE REASON WHY THEY'RE SUCCESSFUL. 🚨02.17.20 MSGS FROM JESUS: 1.SECRET SOCIETIES WILL BE SECRET NO MORE! JESUS IS GOING TO EXPOSE SECRET SOCIETIES AND THEIR SATANIC MANUALS. 2.JESUS IS GOING TO EXPOSE THE SATANIC RITUALS THAT THE ELITE AND ITS MEMBERS HAD TO DO IN ORDER TO GAIN THE RICHES OF THE WORLD (MONEY, FAME, POWER) IN EXCHANGE FOR THEIR SOULS. 3.THIS EXPOSURE IS GOING TO SEND SHOCKWAVES TO THE GLOBAL MASSES AND THEY WILL REALIZE THAT THEIR "STARS" ARE NOTHING BUT FALLEN. 🚨02.07.20 MSG FROM JESUS: AI is not the REAL intelligence from GOD, it comes from the fake snake! (SATAN) 🚨01.28.20 MSG FROM JESUS: NASA IS EVIL! NASA IS TODAY'S TOWER OF BABEL #REPTILIANSHAPESHIFTERS🚨02.16.20 DREAM FROM JESUS: PRAY FOR THE KIDS THAT ARE SEXUALLY EXPLOITED BY "HEALTHCARE" PROVIDERS. 🚨01.29.20 VISION & MSG FROM JESUS: REBUKE THE SERPENT, LUCIFERIAN, ANTICHRIST SPIRIT OFF THE 50 U.S. CAPITOLS IN JESUS' NAME. 🚨Matthew 16:26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? #KobeBryant 🚨01.25.20 MSG FROM JESUS: STEAM ROLLER- THE LORD IS COMING LIKE A POWERFUL, MIGHTY STEAM ROLLER TO CRUSH THE DEVIL, HIS DEMONS AND ALL THE DARK POWERS OF OPPOSITION AND WITCHCRAFT THAT STAND IN THE WAY OF HIS CHILDREN. IN ADDITION TO CRUSHING THE DEVIL, JESUS IS ALSO SMOOTHING AND PAVING THE WAY SO HIS CHILDREN CAN WALK TOWARDS THE PATH HE HAS MADE FOR THEM. 🚨Spring 2016: BULLDOZE- Jesus will bulldoze his way For the entire post click here: 🚨01.22.20 MESSAGES FROM JESUS DURING PRAYER: "SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL." "RUMBLE" NONBELIEVERS AND CHRISTIANS WILL HAVE THE FEAR OF THE LORD. For the entire post click here: 🚨11.30.18 VISION & MSG FROM JESUS DURING PRAYER: I SAW JESUS' GAVEL STRIKING THE EARTH AND I HEARD THE WORD "SHAKING." For the entire post click here: 🚨10/04/17 msg from Jesus: It's spiritual warfare- wake up! It's NWO Luciferians vs. Christians/Trump/Human Race 🚨Do not take the MICROCHIP! It's the mark of the beast! 🚨09/07/17 Dream from Jesus: Satanists exposed! They're tricking teens through ads for satanic sacrifices. 🚨THE ILLUMINATI IS REAL click here for the entire post: 🚨Reptilian shapeshifters are real and they're among us!! My eerie, accidental, close-up encounter with a reptilian shapeshifter in government proved that they exist. MY For the entire post click below: 🚨Natural eyes vs. Prophetic Spiritual Eyes to read the post about click here: 🚨01.11.20 VISION & MSG FROM JESUS REGARDING POTUS TRUMP'S ENEMIES: THE MOLES WORKING UNDERGROUND AND THE ROACHES WORKING AT NIGHT WILL BE EXPOSED. For the entire post click here: 🚨SEPT 2018 MSG FROM JESUS REGARDING TOP U.S. WOMEN IN CONGRESS: COVEN OF WITCHES For the entire post click here: 🚨01.16.20 MSG FROM JESUS FOR THOSE INVOLVED IN THE IMPEACHMENT SIGNATURES: YOU JUST GAVE YOURSELF A SELF-INFLICTED DEATH WARRANT FOR GOING AGAINST THE LORD AND HIS ANOINTED. For the entire post click here: 🚨01.02.20 MSG FROM JESUS: THE WICKED WILL SQUEAL LIKE THE PIGS THAT THEY ARE. For the entire post click below: 🚨01.10.20 VISION & MSG FROM JESUS DURING PRAYER: THE BEAST MUST FALL! Just like King David who took down Goliath, President Trump is chosen by the LORD to take down the spiritual Goliath of our time known as the Beast system a.k.a. the globalist, Luciferian, Antichrist, iron and clay system already prophesied in the book of Daniel. As I prayed, I saw the tall, statue wobbling and swaying back in forth and then I heard the LORD say "the beast must fall". For the entire post click below: 🚨09.28.19 Vision from Jesus during prayer: I saw Jesus crowning POTUS Trump twice. For the entire post click here: 🚨For every prophetic dream from JESUS about President Trump since 2015 click here: 🚨12.29.19 msg from JESUS: "LIBERTY BELL" I heard the bell ring a few times in my spirit during prayer. Just like the LORD set the Israelites free from slavery and bondage in Egypt so will it be for the people of this land. Just like the LORD stripped the power of the wicked and drowned the enemies of Israel, so will it be for the wicked that are coming against the righteous. Daniel 5:27 Tekel means ‘weighed’—you have been weighed on the balances and have not measured up."Exodus 14:13-14 "Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” The LORD's declaration of independence to deliver his people from the oppression of the wicked is coming. 🙌#THANKYOUJESUS🙌#JUSTICE For the entire post click here: 🚨08.04:19 MSG FROM JESUS: America, you cannot take this country back without me. (Please share and tag people to this post so we can pray for our country and our President Trump in Jesus' name.) #spiritualwarfare Click below: 🚨05.07.19 DREAM FROM JESUS FOR THE USA: 2 Chronicles 7:14 IT WILL TAKE THE HAND OF GOD, THE WORD OF GOD AND NATIONWIDE PRAYER OF REPENTANCE FOR TRUMP2020. For the entire post please click link below: 🚨05.01.19 DREAM FROM JESUS: THE WORD OF GOD, THE HAND OF GOD & THE POWER OF PRAYER WILL GIVE TRUMP THE VICTORY IN 2020. POTUS TRUMP TRUSTS JESUS #Psalm20v7 For the entire post please click link below: 🚨12.22.19 MSG FROM JESUS REGARDING NEW DECADE: "ROARING 20s" For the entire post click here: 🚨12.29.18 MSG & VISION FROM JESUS DURING PRAYER: "RIGHTEOUS ROAR" I HEARD THE ROAR OF THE LION OF JUDAH AND THEN I HEARD THE SOUND OF THE LION'S PAWS HITTING THE GROUND AS IT PICKED UP MOMENTUM. For the entire post click here: 🚨12.19.17 MSG FROM JESUS:ATTENTION GOD-FEARING, BIBLE LITERATE, PROPHETIC, ONFIRE, HOLY, OBEDIENT, PERSECUTED & SUFFERING WARRIORS FOR CHRIST. IT'S TIME TO LAUGH & TO DANCE. Get your dancing shoes and thank Jesus! For the entire post click here: 🚨12/19/17 MSG FROM JESUS: IT'S TIME FOR THE WICKED TO MOURN For the entire post click here: 🚨Dec 2017 MSG FROM JESUS: Joel 2:25 "AND I WILL RESTORE TO YOU THE YEARS THAT THE SWARMING LOCUST HAS EATEN, THE CRAWLING LOCUST, AND THE CONSUMING LOCUST, AND THE CUTTING LOCUST, MY GREAT ARMY WHICH I SENT AMONG YOU." For the entire post click here: 🚨12.20.19 MSGS FROM JESUS FOR THE WICKED INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE CHURCH: "WALKING PAPERS." and "IN ORDER TO HIRE HE MUST FIRE." Walking papers: notice of dismissal from a job. For the entire post click here: 🚨11.17.19 Vision from JESUS during prayer: I saw a huge, powerful wave and this wave represents the move of God through his sovereign hands. I heard the word "CRASHING" and like a tidal wave which is full of immense power, speed and strength, GOD is going to CRASH over every area/place where the wicked are seated and FLOOD those areas with his chosen, remnant, on-fire, Christian children for such a time as this. The wicked who are in power will be drowned out and they have no power against the hand of Christ. For the entire post click here: 🚨12.18.19 msg from Jesus during prayer: "20/20 Vision" In addition to clarity it is imperative for the remnant to partner with God's vision and not their own! It's all about God, his will, his plans, his promises and his agenda period! Any Christian who loses focus on God and who operates in the flesh through selfish ambitions, pride, vanity, celebrity, greed, envy, jealousy etc will be replaced! For the entire post click here: 🚨12.17.19 msg from JESUS: Seasons of plenty and Seasons of Famine -It's time for the spiritual Josephs to rise and to occupy the positions of power and influence in order to prepare the nations for the seasons of plenty and of famine. Just like Joseph who stored the grain to save people from starvation so will it be for the spiritual Josephs to prepare the nations to live on every word that comes from the mouth of God for these End Times. READ GENESIS 41, MATTHEW 24, MARK 13, LUKE 21 For the entire post click here: 🚨11.19.19 MSG FROM JESUS FOR THE CHURCH: "RAID". Crooked churches will be raided on. For the entire post click here: 🚨11.19.19 VISION AND MESSAGE FROM JESUS FOR THE REMNANT: During prayer I saw a gold chair having an engraved named plate. These gold chairs are reserved for the God-fearing, obedient, holy, pure, consecrated, on-fire Christians of the LORD and no one else can occupy their place. As each person took his/her seat, I saw Jesus placing a crown over their heads which represented his ordination and his blessing. For the entire post click here: 🚨11.30.18 VISION & MSG FROM JESUS DURING PRAYER: I SAW JESUS' GAVEL STRIKING THE EARTH AND I HEARD THE WORD "SHAKING." For the entire post click here: 🚨05.11.18 MSG FROM JESUS FOR CHURCH & MINISTRY LEADERS: SHUFFLE 🚨SPRING 2016 VISION FROM JESUS: MEN IN BUSINESS SUITS ARRESTED (with handcuffs in front of them) For the entire post click here: 🚨10.11.16 Dream from JESUS: PROSTITUTION RINGS WILL BE EXPOSED For the entire post click here: 🚨04.26.17 WARNING MSG FROM JESUS: "LIQUIDATE" JESUS WILL LIQUIDATE THE MINISTRIES THAT AREN'T HIS. JESUS WILL LIQUIDATE THE ASSETS & THE FUNDS. 🚨11.26.17 DREAM FROM JESUS: GOD WILL DESTROY THE ALTARS OF IDOLATRY, BAAL & WITCHCRAFT. 🚨APRIL 2017 WARNING MSG FROM JESUS TO TRUMP'S ENEMIES: HAMAN For the entire post click here: 🚨MAY 2017 MSG FROM JESUS:"TIP THE SCALES, SHIFT, THE RIGHTEOUS WILL RULE & REIGN" For the entire post click here: 🚨For every prophetic dream from JESUS about GOD's judgment against the wicked and his scales of justice prevailing For the entire post click here: 🚨11.03.19 WARNING MSG FROM JESUS FOR THE CHURCH: IF YOU ARE BUILDING SOMETHING FOR ME AND YOU TAINT IT WITH BAAL (EVIL), I WILL TEAR IT DOWN LIKE I DID WITH SOLOMON. For the entire post click here: 🚨08.22.19 Msg from JESUS: The Theological House of Cards is falling down For the entire post click here: 🚨05.26.19 msg from Jesus: WHIP! JESUS WILL WHIP THE CHURCHES/MINISTRIES THAT AREN'T HIS. For the entire post click here: 🚨07.11.18 VISION & MSG FROM JESUS: JESUS IS SWEEPING HIS LAND. For the entire post click here: 🚨Fall 2018: WAR HORSES: Jesus is going to release his remnant army as war horses ready to stampede the powers of darkness and to occupy the positions of power and influence in the marketplace for his glory in the name of Christ. For the entire post click here: 🚨11/27/15 msg from JESUS "People are tired of worldly ways. There's a NEW TIDE coming from worldly ways into KINGDOM WAYS." For the entire post click here: 🚨Fall 2015: CHANGE THE STATUS QUO- Jesus will change the status quo For the entire post click here: 🚨Dec 2015: OVERRIDE- Jesus will override every detestable law off this land. For the entire post click here: 🚨Spring 2016: FLICK- Jesus will flick off the filth off this land For the entire post click here: 🚨Sept 2015: FROM HOLLYWOOD TO HOLYWOOD- Jesus will clean up Hollywood so they will know that it was the wood on the cross which Christ died for them too. For the entire post click here: 🚨Summer 2015: REVIVAL - OVERCROWDED STADIUMS For the entire post click here:

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